About us

Mick was having fun with the boys at soccertraining two times a week. Little sister Tess hopped along with the handball girls next door during Mick’s practice. Mick has always had the dream to become a professional soccer player. He wants to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps, Theo Laseroms, who won the European Cup for Feyenoord. Tess has dreamt about being a professional handball player since she was a little girl.
We both chose to fully go for it, determined to achieve our goals. Sport was not all about having fun anymore. It became a way to achieve as much as we can. Our sport became a way of living.
Mick is now playing professionally in Prague, and Tess is a professional handball player in Germany.


‘Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.’


We both have talent, but what got us this far is our mentality. We work hard and we take good care of our bodies. We want to inspire and motivate everybody with a passion for sport to work as hard as possible.
We are inspired by the passion of athletes. How can they put everything aside to achieve one specific goal? Every athlete is special and has his/her own story. With our website and social media we show you more details of the life as an athlete.