Pay safely, easily and quickly with the following payment methods:

One of the largest and most widely used online payment methods in the Netherlands. More than 100,000 web shops are connected to iDeal. Here are also the largest online sneaker stores. More than 60% of consumers still choose IDEAL to buy online sneakers. The largest Dutch banks are affiliated with IDEAL, here an overview:
• ABN Amro Bank
• Rabobank
• SNS Bank
• ASN Bank
• Triodos Bank
• ING bank
• Bunq BANK
• Knab BANK
• Regio Bank
• Van Landschot Bank

One of the world's best-known online payment methods, mainly in the sneaker world, is used extensively here. It was founded in 1998 and has been voted the best financial service on the internet 5 times in a row in the Dutch Thuiswinkel Award. For example, Paypal was chosen in Belgium as the BeCommerce Award in 2010.

CREDIT CARD (VISA and Mastercard)
MasterCard is one of the largest global licensing issuers for providing a credit card. Mastercard is usable in more than 200 countries and approximately 40% of the turnover is realized in mainly United States. Mastercard is also known for their insurances when buying sneakers that are purchased online at
Just like MasterCard, Visa Card is also a licensed company, but Visa is more known for their credit card services that they provide with other banks. Visa Card is the most used worldwide for the purchase of products, also in the sneaker world
American Express Also called AMEX, is a US financial services provider whose head office is in New York. Many sneakers are purchased with AMEX by the points system used by American Express. As a result, online shopping with AMEX has also become much popular.


You pay the invoice after receiving it by e-mail. If we have processed the payment we offer the package directly to our carrier.