Our brand

We have created a brand that is fully supported and designed by athletes in all kind of sports. A brand with high standard organic products. The garments symbolize passion, creativity and dedication.
The people of Made By Athletes produce garments for everyone, to share their passion for sports. Everyone with their own goal and motivation. So not only for top athletes, also for you!

We all want to get the best out of ourselves, and we can help each other with that. We would like you to share your tips, or your thoughts about something. We are one team! It would be cool if everybody in our team wears the same number. Number 7 is being considerd as a lucky number. Next to hard work and talent you also need a little bit of luck in your career.
We would love for you to become a member of #TEAMMBA7

Our products have a premium quality throughout. From the choice of fabrics to our cuts, through the way our items are assembled, sown, dyed, printed… quality lies in the tiniest details. In terms of materials, we mainly use natural fibres. We favour organic fabrics that care for your skin and for the environment.

We have obtained the strictest environmental certifications. Our affiliation with Fairwear Foundation (Corporate Social Responsibility) as well as our high standard certifications (GOTS, OE 100, OE Blended, OEKO TEX, REACH) prove our commitment to sustainable practices. From fibre sourcing to distribution of the finished product, we scrutinise every process and every supplier for sustainability. Below you can find an overview of our efforts.